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Glenn Langdon leads the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra during their perofrmance of "The Angelic Sounds of Christmas" concert at the St. Joseph Church Complex in Gretna on Sunday< December 9, 2012. Glenn Langdon, pianist and LPO guest conducts, defeats injury to play again. Music as the No. 1 medicine.
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The Circus Comes to Town, conclusion

As rehearsed, I felt a tap on my left shoulder about 20 seconds into the second piece of the second act of the show, the Dance of the Four Little Swans. Or, as it is simply referred to among dancers, Cygnets. It was the mime, Vladimir, trying to coax me off the podium to join him and his partner downstage. With feigned irritation I waved him off and indicated I was presently occupied conducting a symphony orchestra. The audience must have enjoyed the moment because momentarily the sound of laughter obscured the music of the orchestra.

The Dance of the Four Little Swans was a piece that I knew quite well, having performed it literally hundreds of times in the context of the complete ballet with dancers. It’s a charming piece that showcases the fleet footwork and coordination of four ladies dancing in close proximity to each other; always connected to one another with crossed arms. Except for the final two chords of the piece, the texture of the orchestration is rather transparent, and the orchestra can easily play it with little input from a conductor.


The Circus Comes to Town pt. 1

“Just keep your arms by your side and don’t do anything to try to help me,” said the thin, petite circus performer in a pronounced Russian accent as she was explaining what would be happening during that evening’s performance. She and her husband were going to do a magic act with me to begin the second half of the program. Feeling the laser beam intensity of her steely blue eyes, I instantly understood that they had done this trick many times before, and they didn’t need any help on my part to do it. I was to just stand there. Just stand there and do nothing.

I was conducting the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in a program entitled Cirque de la Symphonie. A touring group of circus performers have developed an impressive act which utilizes symphonic music while they perform in front of the orchestra. The acts feature jugglers, contortionists, aerialists, feats of eye-popping balance and strength, and a bit of magic.