My hero's journey includes conducting Bartók with the Cleveland Orchestra, being a teaching fellow in Harvard University's Computer Science Department, conducting nearly 5000 performances of the hit Broadway musical, the Phantom of the Opera, giving my New York City debut piano recital 5 years after an injury left my right hand bereft of sensation, and managing a cotton farm in the bootheel of Missouri.


Glenn on stairs with baton

Praised for his polished, expressive, and nuanced performances, Glenn Langdon's unusually varied repertoire highlights an eclectic musical aesthetic and singularly American heritage. From directing performances of the Rite of Spring and Carmin Burana, to the jazz of Kermit Ruffins and the cajun fiddle tunes of Amanda Shaw, Langdon is fully "at home." Read more...

Digital Design

I’ve always been fascinated by technology. After leaving the tour of Phantom of the Opera and thus having more time, I began to take programming courses with the aim of exploring the intersection of art and technology. My programming journey has included courses at Stanford University (the Distinguished Careers Institute) and now a Masters of Digital Design at Harvard University. Read more...


Hailing from generations of cotton farmers, I care deeply about sustainability in agriculture for the future of America's farmland. Read more...

Glenn in front of cotton combine
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